Monthly Archives: December 2013

December 30

49 Things guys wish girls knew

49 Things Guys Wish Girls Knew A close friend of mine sent me this a few weeks ago, and I was so fascinated with the content of this write up that I thought, hey! why not share it with my readers. ☺ I would definitely like to know IF this is true ❤ Sooo men, […]

December 23

cheesy omelette with fresh basil

This dish is one of my all time breakfast treats ! Not only is it extremely delicious, but it’s also really easy to make. You can make this omelette in about 5 minutes no joke !!! Soo ladies if your looking to impress that special someone – serve them breakfast in bed, I would recommend […]

December 22

All I want for Christmas

I often come across beautiful things that move me in such a way that it just makes me want to share it with my readers and, this was one of them. Christmas is just days away and small gestures like this – go such a long way! More than you can ever imagine. It’s good […]

December 20

Easy baked macaroni with béchamel sauce

I thought I would change things up a bit ! Since baked macaroni and cheese is so common, I decided to add a béchamel sauce on top it’s almost like lasagne ☺ this is a tomato meat base sauce, with a hit of cream and lots of cheese …. YUMMY ! these flavors mix amazingly […]

December 16

Corned beef and cabbage soup

While many Americans associate corned beef and cabbage with Ireland, this popular St Patrick’s Day dish has roots in America. it might not be your traditional Irish dish. But regardless of where it came from ! This is a great recipe on a cold day, or just to satisfy you craving for comfort food. ☺ […]

December 14

My dream job.

Last august 2013, I took a chance to apply for the ” best job in the world “. – was looking to hire a global ambassador for their company as their chief world explorer. The requirements for this job was to submit a 60 second video of why you think this job is perfect […]

December 11

The Existential Bummer

This video will possibly inspire you, make you tear up, and perhaps convince you to go out and start living your life to the fullest. Sometimes there are no words to describe how something can make you feel. This video touched me in so many ways. Why are we so afraid to lose something we […]

December 10

Korean beef stew

This is an old family recipe that has always been one of my favorite dishes my grandmother use to make. My whole family loves this korean dish it is Braised beef short ribs -In Korea it is called Makgalbijjim . 막갈비찜 As this being on the top of my list when it comes to flavors […]

December 09

There’s always a reason to smile.

❤ Choose your destiny ❤ Everyday is another chance to change your life. Never doubt anyone! in this life we are constantly growing, and evolving trying to be the best we can be. I mean sure, we all have ups and downs ! But it’s never too late to change the way you look at […]

December 08


What do you do? When a friend betrays you. When you’ve been nothing but a good friend to someone you genuinely always cared about; only to find out they went behind your back and have never actually been on your side like they pretended to be… What do you do? Is letting the truth of […]