Creamy pasta sauce with truffle oil and Jamon Serrano


I experimented one evening with my new purchase of white truffle oil from the deli I do my shopping for when I buy different cheeses and ham, I used to make a creamy mushroom sauce pasta dish that use to come out really really good. So the thought of making that with truffle oil just got me so excited I had to go home and try it out ☺ when making this dish it is at its best when kept simple without too many ingredients so the truffle oil is allowed to take center stage.

For this dish you will need :

1 tbs- butter or olive oil
1 can – Mushroom
2 cloves -Garlic
1- medium sized onion diced
Jamon serano ham
1/4 cup Gorgonzola cheese
1/2 cup cooking Cream
Fresh Parmesan
2 -3 teaspoon White truffle oil
1 pound pasta of your choice

( NOW ! Gorgonzola cheese has quite an over powering flavor, it’s more of an acquired taste so feel free to eliminate this, or use a different kind of cheese) ☺

– Boil your pasta and set it aside to cool.

РIn a large pan combine butter/ or olive oil with garlic and saut̩ gently. Then add the onions and mushrooms to pan and continue to cook until tender. Season with salt and pepper.
Add the cream and the Gorgonzola cheese , once you see the sauce looking thick you may now add the pasta into the pan and mix it all together, add some fresh Parmesan cheese if the sauce is looking a bit dry you can add some milk into it, mix it all together for about 2-3 mins add more salt and pepper to taste then pour in the truffle oil and turn off the fire . I noticed if you cook with the truffle oil 1st it looses its flavor so you want to always use it for the last part. Place the pasta on a plate.

I like to roll up the Jamon Serrano already so I just add it on top of the dish 👍


So you add the Jamon serrano, and grate more fresh Parmesan cheese then serve while its still hot ! 😉

This dish is so simple to make and the taste is just unbelievable. If you are vegetarian you can make the same recipe just don’t add the ham. I like using Jamon Serrano or prosciutto the saltines of the ham with the cream sauce and the pasta just mix amazingly well together. I can’t even explain how good this dish is ! You just have to try it. ❤

I also set aside a plate with more ham on it incase your guests want more ham, always a good option to have. ☺


If you ever make this dish! Would love to hear your feed back on it ☺

Besitos 💋