The Existential Bummer

This video will possibly inspire you, make you tear up, and perhaps convince you to go out and start living your life to the fullest.

Sometimes there are no words to describe how something can make you feel. This video touched me in so many ways. Why are we so afraid to lose something we love? Is it because you feel like a part of you dies during the process of dissipativity ? is it because you’ve felt that before and the pain that you feel is so disconsolate that you vow to yourself that you will never feel that way again. What happens next? A lot of people choose to detach themselves they become almost, none existent. Because when you don’t feel anything you avoid the risks to get hurt, to feel the anguish -that pain. So what exactly is the bummer? That everything becomes obsolete and all is impermanent; that’s just a fact of life. What counts is what you do with the time you have here, knowing that all is ultimately meaningless. Do you fall apart in a depressive heap & do nothing, or do you do what you consider to be the best for you at the time ? I think it is liberating to have the power to create something meaningful to you (like forming bonds with others) from your own innate meaningless existence. We’ve been given an opportunity to walk this earth and feel everything around us. We should embrace what we feel, the moments we can cherish, and the memories we can collect, to keep forever in our hearts. If you have not started doing that today, might be a good day to START !

” This was the day she decided to exhale and lean in towards all that await. ”