cheesy omelette with fresh basil


This dish is one of my all time breakfast treats ! Not only is it extremely delicious, but it’s also really easy to make. You can make this omelette in about 5 minutes no joke !!!

Soo ladies if your looking to impress that special someone – serve them breakfast in bed, I would recommend you trying this recipe. For 3 reasons it’s not time consuming, it’s soo easy, and extremely yummy !!! When I 1st made this – I use to crave for it in the mornings.

Here are the basic ingredients :


– fresh basil
– salt and pepper
– cheese – I like to use quick melt with mozzarella cheese , cheddar is also
Great ! It’s your preference really.
– a bit of milk ( optional )
– butter

Beat the eggs in a bowl add salt and pepper, set aside you can add a bit of milk to make it more fluffy ☺ prepare your basil and cheese so it will
Be easy to put it all together once you start cooking.

Heat up you pan once it’s nice and hot add the butter and wait for it to brown before you pour the eggs – once you pour the egg into the pan, place it
On low fire and add the basil
And the cheese – feel free to add whatever additional vegetables like onions , or you can use mushrooms ! Customize it to your liking 😉


Keep it on low heat so the cheese can melt and the basil gets soft – I don’t like to over cook my eggs either. I like it creamy in the center which is why I keep it on low heat.


Once the egg starts looking like its almost all cooked, you fold the omelette and it should come out like this 😍


TA- DA !!!


If any of my readers decide to make
This – I would love to hear your feed back on it ! ❤ And I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Besitos 💋