Monthly Archives: January 2014

January 28

Make the perfect turkey stuffing!

Okay , I’m not sure how many of you are a fan of turkey stuffing ~ but I myself, can NOT have turkey with out this delicious side dish. Having turkey with out stuffing!?!? 😳 It’s just not the same It’s like having apple pie without ice cream ! You won’t get the WOW factor […]

January 16

The benefits of hugging

Im a sucker for HUGS !!! Nothing beats a good hug that feels warm, comforting, and for that moment when your engulfed in that warm wrap you can actually feel time stand still and for that time, nothing else matters ❤❤❤ ahhhhhh … what a beautiful feeling ☺ ! I been missing hugs lately and […]

January 14

The power of love

I saw this video that was shared by my little sister on face book my initial reaction on the photo that was attached to the link was quite disturbing. – honestly, wasn’t sure if it was real and I was a bit afraid to watch this video. It took me a day or two to […]

January 14

Free guided meditation!

Take a minute – to click on this link: Watch the video and sign up! Discover a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Technology that ELIMINATES mind chatter and guides you towards Inner Peace and a Stress-Free Life Remember – keeping your mind healthy is one of the most important practices one should ever have to […]

January 04

61 Things Girls Wish Guys Knew

It’s extremely important for a man to know what women want, what women like, and what we don’t like. For all those clueless men out there who need some advice, here are 50 things that could help you get the girl you want, or could help strengthen your current relationship. Girls, by all means feel […]