The power of love


I saw this video that was shared by my little sister on face book my initial reaction on the photo that was attached to the link was quite disturbing.
– honestly, wasn’t sure if it was real and I was a bit afraid to watch this video. It took me a day or two to finally watch what was posted and after hearing Lizzy velazques speak with such grace, and empowerment I needed to share it – for so many beautiful reasons! ☺
Let one of them be to all of you who wake up and feel bad about yourself in the morning, may this video enlighten you to wake up and feel extremely blessed with the beauty god has given you. This woman has struggled her whole life yet, she chose to embrace what god has given her through the love and encouragement of her parents. Lizzy Velasquez -At the age of 24, endured being labeled the World’s Ugliest Woman on YouTube as she struggles with one of the rarest syndromes in the world, which doctors think may be similar to neonatal progeroid syndrome. This syndrome prevents her from gaining any weight… at all. She also struggles with a variety of physical problems including blindness in one eye. However, what will blow your mind about Lizzy is it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with her appearance and everything to do with the fact that she has been able to share her struggles and challenges growing up being different and yet choosing to love what she was given with, and used this gift to let every other woman in this world know – if she can get through this – you have no excuse but to feel great full and blessed. Who would have thought this woman’s voice would be such a blessing to the world!
Dear Lizzy, If you ever read this one day – Id like to thank you for being the perfect example for everyone out there who struggles with their identity – who struggles with their appearance – you’ve made it clear life can be beautiful and as long as you believe in yourself – you can do anything! God bless you ! May all your dreams and wishes come true.

“I’ve come to you not to make you love me, but rather to make you realize you are worth loving.” ❤❤❤
– Jesus Christ