Love doesn’t hurt.


Dear Readers,

I started this blog with the intention of sharing my culinary secrets, inspirational messages and helping people hoping that it might somewhat change a person’s perspective and help them make better life decisions. But most importantly I wanted this blog to be a gate way to connect with people. Even if it touches just one person, gives me a real sense of fulfillment ☺ – I literally feel my heart smile when I receive an email or a comment from someone thanking me for sharing my posts, and how i have been a source of inspiration to them.
I would like to send out my appreciation to everyone that’s reached out to me. Thank you for taking your time to read my Blog posts ! ❤❤❤

My vision is to share as much light into your lives and to discover more what love is all about. As this is something that I am still learning about along the way… 😉

I feel our purpose in this life is not for our selfish desires, but to give selflessly with no expectations in return. I honestly believe without a doubt in my soul that when your true intention is to do good because it makes you feel good, everything in your life will fall into place. I know ! i know ! its so much easier said then done, unless you have been doing this your whole life. I was born with 5 siblings and growing up with them has always taught me to look after them, it taught “US” how to take care of each other and support each other throughout life. Personally, in most cases, I have always put other people before myself especially when they need me. Maybe this is why i feel i have been extremely blessed with the most amazing friends and supportive family. ☺☺☺

One of my closest friends, Melani Borra sent me this video today and she quoted: “this is the guy version of you.” After watching this short clip i just had to share his-Trent Shelton’s point of view. This is closely related to the topic i recently discussed while guesting at a radio talk show on valentines day. We covered the most interesting and complex topic of mankind, LOVE. I talked about the basic aspects of love, the importance of loving yourself first, how to find the right partner, why we end up in bad relationships. BUT I want to focus on this particular message because I think its very important for us to know the difference between the RIGHT kind of love, and the WRONG kind of love.

To my dear readers, please
Keep this in mind the RIGHT LOVE does not hurt you, it Heals you. Don’t ever let someone change the definition of love for you.

Trent Shelton <– This man is heaven sent. If this short video inspired you please feel free to share this link ☺ Especially if you have friends that need to realize that REAL love should not hurt you. Subscribe to his youtube channel for more amazing thoughts on love and life. ❤

Food for thought : ✌

You will never have to chase what is god sent. Always keep in mind that
You will never have to chase what was meant for you.
If you get lost in living what god has called you to do, and when you choose to live your purpose, you won't have to chase things because the right opportunities will find you.
you will become a magnet to the blessings that god has for your life…☺
Dont you worry about the HOW just trust in the WHO. ❤