Download these feel good tunes.


This goes out to all the music lovers 😍

Soo, all of you who know me personally know that I am ADDICTED to music! I was blessed to grow up with a family that was musically inclined; My father was and still is an amazing singer and plays the bass guitar, he still sings from time to time because it’s always been his passion he loves being on stage and it always makes me so proud to watch him sing. Amazingly my beautiful sisters sing too!!! l always wish i could sing like them. On the other hand My uncle has a jazz band and was lucky enough to perform in Rome, for the Pope ! pretty blessed huh?! as for me … I’ve always wanted to be a DJ and learn how to mix music. It has always been something I was into, even my family and friends think I should do it. Recently thought I have had a lot of people ask me about my playlists and where I get my songs, or if I could post a playlist on my blog… So I decided to finally share some of my new favorite feel good tracks. I have to say the best thing about music is the way it can completely change your mood and put you in such a happy place. or a sad place, but I choose the happy ones! who wouldn’t? I love the feel good vibes it gives me such positive energy. If there was one thing I couldn’t live without it would definitely be my music. I litterally shower and bathe with music on. heck! I even use to sleep with music on… YIKES!!! …BUT i’ve learned to adjust on that so I don’t do it as much anymore. Okay! So, I am going to post some you tube videos of some songs that I think are awesome. I call them my feel good tracks, the definition obviously speaks for itself.

NOW guys, if you didn’t already know how to get these songs from you tube and convert them into mp3 format so that you can download them straight onto your computer and into your Ipod or Iphone or any music player I will teach you how to do that just in case you wish to download these songs onto your lap top or desktop


Step 1 : open the video on you tube that you wish to download , then you go onto this website

Step 2: once you open the site you will automatically see a white box and below the box it says convert video. All you have to do is copy the link of the video, click convert then download. Its that easy! ! and with a fast connection it only takes 2-3 minutes to download the song. This Its so addicting and soo much fun!!!



NOW If you’re a music lover like me, your selection changes every month, sometimes every week! Especially if you listen to every kind of genre but for now I’m just sharing my feel good/ happy songs playlist.

PS – Not all these songs are new, most a remixed but I love them !!! I hope you do too.



Sleep – Thomas Tantrum


Don’t call it love – Zero 7


Money on my mind (remix) – MBP Official


Summertime Sadness remix – Lana del Rey


All Remix – Cherub


Changes – Faul & Wad ad


Sweet Disposition Remix – The temper trap


Over – TCTS


Follow – Tom and Laura Misch


Doses and mimosas – Cherub


Summer – Filous ft. Kitty Gorgi


Young and beautiful remix – Lana del Rey


Chris Malinchak – So good to me


Happy Remix – Pharrell Williams


Once again – Phoria


Maybe you – Saint lou lou


High hopes – Kodaline


Moonwalking – Late night Alumni


Meet me in Montrose – Cities Aviv


Nothing compares to you – Capital Cities


Stand Still – Flight Facilities


Hollywood – RAC


You make me feel good – Satin Jackets


Mi Negrita -Devendra Banhart


Give me one reason remix -Tracy Chapman


One day- Bakermat

Vance joy – Riptide


Please feel free to Add to my List or give me some new songs that you think I would LOVE ! I always appreciate good tunes. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS !!!