How to keep the Romance alive in a marriage


Okay so we’ve all heard that saying before, DON’T GET MARRIED ! it’s a trap !!! People say that when you get married everything changes,that one day the flame just dies and all your left with is learning to live with each other. I even heard that sometimes you just want to kill each other!?! Oohh MY!!!! Is this really what it all comes down too? NOW I’m not saying all couples go through this scenario but I’ve heard it’s pretty common In our generation today. I also heard that when you’ve been with the same person for so many years, that love and passion you both once had for one another just isn’t the same anymore… 😔 BUT wouldn’t we want it to stay the same?!! I know I would and I would try my hardest to keep it that way… 🙏 OKAY so I am no expert when it comes to the “M “word for I have chosen to wait and that reason would probably come down to me waiting to settle down with someone I don’t think I could ever get bored Of, Someone I would be excited to see every day for the rest of my life. 😍 Come on ! if I Can feel that way with my friends and my family, then why can’t I feel that way with the man I choose to spend eternity with? I say- If you really want to make it work you CAN!!! I believe one of the reasons why relationships get boring is because couples fall into routines and stop doing exciting things together. However, making the time for an exciting activity – even a brief one – can rub off on how partners feel about each other. So, why not build a little excitement into your time together and then maybe you might just find the passion you had for your partner revived as well 😉 Just a quick reminder to all you couples out there before I start sharing some of my thoughts. I just want you guys to REMEMBER – that a relationship is not a one way street! It’s NOT always the MEN who have to run after us and do everything for us, and a woman does NOT always have to be right! There should always, always, always be a balance for a union between two loving souls that simply adore, love, care, and respect each other. I do however believe when we fail to communicate and we fail to be open with our wants and needs, this could possibly hinder problems that may cause your spark to fade and become boring because you simply have learned to brush it off, thinking “ whatever, im used to it already” … but that’s wrong ! Soo if you wish to keep your LOVE ALIVE – whether your married, or not yet married, or in a serious relationship. I have listed down some pointers that could possibly help bring some spice back into your lives ! A very exciting, and enticing one that wouldn’t hurt you. so just go ahead and Give it a TRY !!!


Clearly, for established couples, sharing exciting activities keeps the romance alive. Therefore, when relationships start to get a bit dull and lackluster, try changing things up with some of the following:

1. Do something athletic with your partner.

I love seeing couples who do things together! yes, It is healthy to have separate lives so your not In each others faces all the time. But doing activities together like working out, go rock climbing, go hiking up a mountain, or simply go for walks together keeping a healthy routine would definitely be healthy for your relationship too!

2. Try an exciting or scary activity together.

(e.g. roller coasters, carnival rides, bungee jumping, etc.) – This will always make things exciting because you share and build an experience together, not to mention all that adrenaline that comes along when you do something exhilarating like that together, believe me you will get home and want to have more fun in the bed room. 😉

3. Experiencing something novel or new with your lover.

Get out of you comfort zone and eat something you’ve never had before, or go to a new place and explore a new city together. I mean seriously, how much fun would that be!!! Talk about growing together too … This would be an amazing experience for
Both of you.

4. Get involved in couples competitions.

It’s always fun when you’re trying things out together and you feel like you’re a team, for example join a bowling league, play cards with friends, touch football, golfing, running marathons etc. there are so many activities you can do together that is just over all healthy for any marriage or relationship. 👌

5.) Transform Dinner into Dining.

This would be MY favorite! Try to Change things up a bit during dinner time, instead of cooking a meal just so that there is food on the table, Make it more romantic with some tiny adjustments to the atmosphere. “Pull out your nice dishes and light a couple of candles, add the gypsy kings playing on the back ground, even if you’re just having a mushroom pizza, “It’s the mood, not the food” that sets a romantic scene. So add a bouquet of flowers on the center of the table, lower the lights, wear something nice, if you want to take it further you could even conveniently forget the utensils so you have an excuse to feed each other!!! (Just a thought ) haha… 😝

6.) Look good for you Partner.

If you and your man are you planning a movie night at home, think twice before you change into your lounging-on-the-couch clothes… You know what I mean, ! the oversize T-shirt, a long sweater. That gear isn’t exactly a recipe for a night of making googly eyes So I strongly suggest you slip into something a little more comfortable but a lot more cuddle and enticing. A fitted T-shirt or a semi sheer tank top, especially when worn without a bra, is a lot sexier than some too-big shirt you’re swimming in, Pair it with your favorite shorts of comfy sweat pants and your good to go! Ohhh and don’t forget the perfume ladies ! 😉

7. ) Send Him a Sweet Afternoon Treat

If you know your husband / partner is having a particularly sucky afternoon at the office, call up a local restaurant that delivers and send him an I’m-thinking-about-you lunch, and Let him know dessert’s waiting at him when he gets home later.

8.) Try the Dating Game .

Its time to Get out of the same old Saturday-night routine and plan something different for a change. Here is how the game goes, come up with a bunch of different evening ideas — perhaps a ferry ride across the city, or a dinner cruise, a game of mini golf, head out for some paintballing, or beer and bowling night! The idea of the game here is both of you can write down different things you would like to do together — write them down on index cards, Then, have your guy blindly choose one of the cards and embark on a mysterious, exotic adventure. FUN!!!

9. Complement each other .

lets admit it ! Getting a complement from anyone always makes us smile ☺ what more when its from the person we adore! So why not make the effort or better yet make it a habit to complement each other in any way that you can. It’s effortless and yet so easy plus it simply makes our day feel brighter and will always put a smile on our faces. So go on and tell her she looks Amazing today and everyday ! same for you ladies. Men like it just as much as we do, even if they pretend they don’t. ☺

10. Never Stop Courting each other.

Relationships are never frozen in concrete or cement. You should always stay courting as long as your in a Relationship. Consequently courting should be a constant thing. Its important for you to make time to do things together and Money should not be an excuse for not having a date night. Remember It’s not important where you go or what you do as long as you are able to get away from the telephone, the children and the business, and be alone where you can laugh and talk to each other. You can simply walk to the park, sit on a swing , drive around to a hill top view, there are so many things you can do together – money should never be the reason you cant enjoy each others company.

11. Mind Your Manners !

This tip sounds terribly simple, yet it’s one of the most important places to start. One of the most basic things to remember in keeping your marriage happy is to always be polite to each other and treat each other with respect. Remember if you are not happy with something talk about it. there is really no reason to fight or be disrespectful towards each other.

12. Always keep your Partner first place.

Make a decision to grow closer as the years go by. That starts early in marriage when the first child arrives. Don t let your children become more important than your husband or your wife. Your relationship as husband and wife must take priority over your relationship with your child.
Often it is tempting to divert your focus from your partner to your children. The mother feels, ”My child needs me more than my husband does.”
That’s not true! The child needs to be fed, clothed, cared for and comforted, but the child does not need you more than your husband. In fact, your children need a strong marriage from you and your husband more than anything else. When the marriage is strong, the children respond favorably because you have a united authority in exercising discipline or offering encouragement. So draw closer as the years go by. Avoid the temptations that will try to draw you apart and make a concerted effort to cultivate the same interests.


13. Have a Sound Track!
As a music lover I think creating a soundtrack of your relationship would really help capture the essence of your couple hood, you can make them your songs by playing them on romantic, and sexy occasions. It will also make you miss each other when you or your partner has to go on business trips or when your just missing each other in general. May I add it can also be a nice collection that the two of you will always cherish together. Awwww…. ❤❤❤

I hope you didn’t get bored reading this !!!!

Besitos 💋











” A perfect marriage is just two imperfect people who refuse to give up on each other. ” 😉