Egg salad 

Over the weekend when i was in Puerto Galera. I made my best friend Dee, her Favorite egg salad. This was what she always requests for me to make Every time I want to cook for her, and it was always a pleasure to make it fo her, So I finally decided to Share it on my Blog so she can make this herself, now  that she resides in Switzerland. This recipe is REALLY simple and you can really have fun this dish if you want  too- But I will share what I made and also share some tips on what I have added before. This batch i made is good for about 4-6 people, and i will also attach pictures of what I used, and how i made it. If you have any Questions or comments feel free to ask and I shall get back to you as soon as i can. Gracias !  💋 


1 1/2- cup Mayonnaise 
2 small red bell peppers chopped 
1 cup of Goat cheese 
1/2 cup Onion Leeks 
Steak Seasoning (optional) 
1 Teaspoon Calamansi or you and use lemon or lime juice (FRESH) 
Wheat bread

-I personally like using Steak seasoning instead of SALT because its already mixed in with Spices and flavors that enhance the Taste. This brand of Mayo “Lady’s choice”  is a local brand and it is my favorite because its flavor is really light, it doesn’t have a strong tangy taste to it. 


 1.)  Boil the eggs for 12 minutes and allow it to cool down, then Peel them and Chop them into cubes. 

2.) Put the Eggs, Bell peppers, Onions, and Mayo into a mixing bowl and mix them all together. 


3.) add seasoning according to Taste and the Calamansi or Lemon juice, Once its all mixed put into a Bowl and Refrigerate for at least an hour. 


TIP – If you want this to Taste extra Delicious and you’re not too cautious about your weight you can do what I did. On a heated pan i added butter and let it brown then put 2 slices of Wheat bread and toasted both sides. I wait till its crispy on the sides and it soaks up the butter, so when you put the Egg salad on top it gives it just the perfect Crunch. Its sooo GOOD ! 😍
MORE TIPS you could do is put arugula at the bottom of the bread.

and if you’re a FAN of Bacon fry some till its Crispy and sprinkle it on top of the Egg salad. 

you can also use celery most people use that for Egg salad. I made use of what was available at the Market at the time, this is why I am sharing my other tips ! YUM YUM YUM. 
I Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did !!! 🙂