November 30

Just love. 

Love is amazing. You paint something but another image comes out and you are drawn. You become obsessed with something pure that does not exist. That’s right, nothing is pure. My soul yearns a love that rain falls for but the storm comes and I get cold. It doesn’t make sense does it? A man on a white horse to save me? Oh goodness what silliness my heart laughs at. The real world is bleak baby. There’s nothing but the smell of hopelessness. People are taught to forget. We are convinced are dreams only exist when ours heads rest on pillows. Is that how crazy all people are? My dreams rest on the chest of the earth. The dirt. The love of the sun and how it burns when you have too much. Take me lovely. Take me gently. I know not what ponders your mind but I dream of what makes you happy and therefore I know you must exist. The one must exist. The one to give me what I need and what no amount of temporary ecstasy could ever amount to. ❤️