How to help the starving children of manila. 



Last Sunday, April 3, 2016 –I was able to Gather a good group of family and Close friends to come help volunteer at the missionary of the poor in Makati. Every Sunday Sabrina Artadi, Does volunteer work at the center, It’s called Sabrina’s  SUPERCALDO SUNDAYS. She does this to help feed the starving children of makati, may I just say! God bless you  🙏 for taking the time every Sunday just to help feed the street children and play games with them. I’ve never seen these kid so happy, even if they live in cardboard boxes outside of the center. 

Please take a moment to watch this : 

Based on what I experienced, It was such a humbling and sympathetic encounter, That i would personally like to Reach out to everyone who would like to know on how to go about on to HELP this organization. 


Missionaries of the poor’s central objective is the building of a sense of community among the poor. This is accomplished in two ways. The poor are gathered together as a family and relationships are forged with the wider society. However, this depends upon the building a community of men–religious Brothers and priests–who live in community, they share all things in common, follow a common spirituality and charism with a common ministry of service to the least in society. There are four central aspects of this community: Prayer, Community, Apostolate and Study. However this particular location is still in need of HELP. Which is why I would like to reach out to the world, for This particular location is currently taking care of the following : 

-24 elderly sick men

-13 special children 

The organization is not well funded, therefor any supplies donated would be of great help in providing proper care for the poor in terms of food and hygiene. 
I was given a list of the basic needs which I will list down for those who would like to donate to this organization. 


Slippers of all sizes 

Powdered Milk 

Coffee 3 in one 

Saba banana 




Children’s toys 

Old books for kids and the elderly 



And anything acceptable for their fire Victims too. 


There was one particular child that really struck me, he was abandoned and found in a cardboard box, and due to starvation he started eating his own hands. Now that he’s been taken cared of he still tries to eat them so they continue to wrap his hands and watch over him. It was devastating to think someone could just abandon a beautiful life like that! 💔 This is why we need your help! Because even the smallest gesture could make a huge difference in somebody’s life. 

Over all the experience was so overwhelming but beautiful, as I had some amazing friends who I consider my soul family to accompany me and help out! 😍 We got to play with the children and have fun with them , feed them and these children were just so in Aweeeee with having us there. It feet so beautiful and enlightening and I genuinely love to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being apart of this magical moment with me.  I love you guys!!! 



Missionaries of the Poor : is located at 1766 Estrada Street, San Andres Bukid Sta Ana (beside Holy Family Church) in Makati Perriphery. From South Super Highway, just turn right on Zobel Roxas. 

Every Sunday if you wish to volunteer, the Feeding starts at 12:15PM till 2:30 pm its a small street, and if you do decide to come help out please dress simple. 😊 for safety reasons. 

For those who would like to know more about this organization you may visit their website :

I Have personally Recived some small amounts of donations through my Pay Pal account, and for those of you who know how much empathy I have for these children, I am persoanlly buying the things that they need rather than donating the money to a site where I do not know where the money goes to, Because this location doesn’t look like any money is going into it, that it’s very sad and disturbing. So if anyone of you would like to send a small amour just to help me purchase what these children need I would be more than grateful to make sure they get what its needed and share the photos with all of you! ❤️ Thank you so much and God bless. 

PayPAL account info :  -please send it under For The Poor 

Venmo – @tanya-silverio 

Wishing everyone a blessed weekend ! I hope we can call continuously live with compassion in our hearts for these poor souls.