My best friends destination wedding.


My speech to the newly weds

On September 10/2018 in Las vegas, nevada.

I watched my best friend marry the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to give her my speech that night due to me offering to get the bride’s new gown. Unfortunately, the room key that was given to me didn’t work so i had to wait for our friend Moc to walk all the way back to the reception to get another key only to find out it wasn’t working either 😱 after 2 attempts of trying to get into the suite her sisters finally came to help me get a new key which took quite awhile due to security purposes so by the time I got back to the reception, the groom was giving his thank you speech. They had the last call on alcohol and they we’re wrapping things up. Maybe, the universe had my back because if I had to speak in front of everyone that night you probably wouldn’t get a word out of me. LOL… I’d be in tears just trying to speak i’d have to ask Luisa to read it for me! 🙈

My dearest Sam,

I don’t even know where to begin with you!!! It all started the day she called me and asked me to spend the night because she wanted me to accompany her to the dentist the next day. Im not sure why of all people she asked me to accompany her, but I gladly agreed. I’ve been debating in my mind weather I should include this in my letter to you, but I feel like it was the foundation of our life long friendship. Before I continue our story, I met Samatha through my older sister Angela. They were best friends in college and my mother had interactions with Samantha’s family and she always spoke very fondly of her father. So the day Sam called to sleep over, I went to see a man who had been told to have psychic gifts. I’ve always been skeptical about these things, but I went because 4 persian girl friends of mine who were in dental school had heard about this man named Brother George. He had a small room right behind Quiapo church where he would do his readings and there would always be a long line of people waiting to see him. He was featured on radio shows and my friends had asked me for a favor, if I could Translate for them because he only speaks in our native language which is Tagalog. That was the only reason I agreed to go. I’ve never been into these things because I believe we have the power to create our own destiny, and not have someone dictate what is going to happen. Plus, it scares the hell out of me. 🙉 After sitting and translating for all 4, I decided to get a reading myself and I will never forget what he said to me. 1st He said I wasn’t suppose to be born, True story, for those of you who don’t know. I was 7 months 4 pounds, and a breech baby. I almost died when my mom had me. I had to be in an incubator for 2 months right after she gave birth to me. However, He said because I came into this life I’ve had 2 angels 👼🏼 guiding and protecting me. Then he said I had a very powerful gift and if I mastered that gift, I would have beaten him. In Tagalog he used the word “ Matatalo mo pa ako! “  then he said, Im not going to tell you what this gift is – but i’ll tell you this, Everything you’ve ever said you wanted you have gotten. Just be careful because if you wish bad on someone it will happen. My advice to you is 1 follow the signs, and 2 listen to your dreams. — I  am super mindful about these things and everyone who has come to know me, knows I am only all about love. That evening I went over to Sam’s house it was the 1st time I had been there and right before you enter her place you’ll see a huge meditation and chakra board. I asked her why she had that, only to find out her parents opened the 1st crystal shop in the Philippines, called Crystal World. Her parents were a power couple that held meditation seminars, Crystal Power & Healing Seminars, Mind Power, and team building for companies. Her father was a writer, a poet, a healer, a spiritual leader and wrote books about soul mates and romantic poetry. Ahhhhh! how I wish he could have been here to see you. I’m sure he’s looking down on you with tears of joy feeling super proud of you and all his beautiful children who have gathered here to celebrate with you on your special day. Your family is really a bunch of incredibly amazing, talented, and beautiful souls. I really felt the universe just guided me exactly to where I was meant to be. That’s how our friendship blossomed. You came into my life and I got to learn all about meditation, manifestation, and healing through you and your amazing family.

Samantha, not only became a sister to me, she became a business partner, a best friend, a mentor.  Samatha always had a heart for helping people especially the less fortunate this is why I looked up to her even more, because she always believed in people and constantly gave them opprotunites to work and make a living .

Sam really does have a heart of gold in all our years of friendship, and I can honestly say she doesn’t have a single bad bone in her body. She was my Angel. 😇

Patrick, you are incredibly lucky to have a woman like her by your side! She really is one in a billion! She will be your ROCK, and she will ROCK your world in most incredible and exciting way I promise you!!! ♥️ Because when she loves, she loves like no other. She will put your needs 1st and will always go above and beyond to make you feel loved. She will push you to be the best version of yourself and she will always be loyal and love you unconditionally.

Our friendship was one gigantic adventure we threw the best pool parties / events together, we traveled the world and attended one of the most amazing events together with Scott who has been a huge part of her life and mine too. The 3 of us have been fortunate enough to experience all the joys and pains of life together from hospitals, to painful break ups, and heartache, to watching the sunset on a boat and dying of laughter. These 2 beautiful souls have been there for me and each other and I feel incredibly blessed to have you both in my life. I have nothing but love for you! 🤗

I feel honored and super blessed to have been able to spend time and get to know Patrick’s family as well. I instantly fell in love with all of them! His mom, his dad, his sister. 😍 I think you found the perfect second family !!! You found a family built on unconditional love and mutual respect for each other. It was so beautiful to see such close family ties! I am just SO SO SOOOO Happy for the both of you!!! It fills my heart with so much love, joy and hope knowing this union was a match made in HEAVEN.

I hope the man i end up with, has the same close family ties like Patrick’s family does.

Samatha, You deserve the world and I know Patrick will give it to you! You found an amazing ,super supportive partner a best friend that you can just laugh with. A partner that is open and willing to take on this adventure of life with you! It was just so beautiful to see that. I love how calm and cool he is, even when your having a super stressful day, he’s always there to calm you down and make you laugh. I learned and saw so much in the last 7 days just being with you, your family, patrick’s family, and our amazing friends.

I can’t thank you enough for having your wedding in Las Vegas, and making it possible for me to be here and to be part of the biggest day of your life! For those of you who would like to share your blessings to the newly weds or if you’d like to check for your photos please go to

This day is what every girl dreams of and it was almost PERFECT!!!  (Perfect, apart from the delay in getting the bridal change.) 😩

But as a whole, it was a very meaningful and very soulful celebration! The wedding was held at the beautiful Green Valley ranch resort and spa located in henderson. Sam, made sure to let all of the guests who flew in for the wedding stay at the resort, since the reception was held there too. She had around 90 guests from all over the world who came to the united states just to give their blessings and to celebrate love with us. I felt nothing but love and the most positive energy flowing all night !

I can just imagine the gravity of work behind the scenes, the heavy coordination, the long list of expenses, the ups and downs, and the trouble they had to go through to possibly put it all together within a short period of time, considering the couple are not from the United States… well not yet… (wink*wink). In the end, it was a very impressive, one of a kind, and a very memorable soulful Wedding Ceremony & Celebration of Love.

I am sooo sure everything will work out in the best way possible. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, I Couldn’t be happier for you and CONGRATULATIONS to the newly weds.

PS- This is only the beginning of the best days of your lives.

Love always and forever ♥️

Tanya 🌹

Slide show to follow. ♥️💙♥️