Meditation for manifesting what you love. ❤️

Dear reader,

I want to share with you one of the meditation practices that has helped me along my journey. The purpose of this mediation is to increase your ability to receive love and energy from the universe and your higher self and to be able to receive and imagine every area of your life working perfectly. I’ve also attached a meditation music video below to help keep your mind still. along with some tips that could possibly help you achieve the success you want to receive. ❤️ sending you all love and light !


1.) Sit quietly, take a deep breath, and imagine you are opening your heart to allow good things into your life. Think of something you easily receive into your life. Observe the feeling of receiving on as many levels as you can. How does your body feel when you receive ? Does your breathing your posture change? How do you feel emotionally ? Can you enhance this feeling of receiving?

Key Note: It is very important that you hold onto this feeling because you are now sending out a higher vibration into the universe and are vibrating on a higher energy plane. Here are some pictures that might help you get to the kind of feelings I’m talking about.

2.) Stuaying with this feeling of receiving, mentally invite and give permission for good things to come to you. Imagine yourself receiving all the good things you want in this life. Notice how much you can receive and let yourself open to receive even more. Like your dream car, the house of your dreams, simply open yourself to new thoughts, more harmonious emotions, physical energy, and abundance in every area of your life. As you do you become one with the abundance of your higher self.

3.) As you draw in these good things and feelings, imagine you are creating space — Mentally, emotionally and physically for them. All you need do is imagine you are opening up the energy around you to create room for these good things when they come.

Key note: The purpose of this is to align your mind body and spirit to receive and be ready for the blessings when they come.

Remember, if you dont believe you can have these things in your life, then you stop the flow of the universe to give them to you.

4.) Imagine your higher Self is handing you a Gold chalice filled with life force energy and complete abundance. When you are ready to have more light to come into your life, drink from it . Fill yourself with as much abundance and energy as you can receive. As you come back to the room, feel yourself opening to receive even more good things, and affirm that you are ready to have them.