November 27

Japan solar panels

Hi everyone! I’m back in the Philippines and started a new job as the marketing manager for a solar panel company. I wanted to compose this post to raise awareness on the benefits of having solar panels in your own home. šŸ’š

Solar panels absorb sunlight as a source of energy to generate electricity. This is how it works šŸ‘‡šŸ¼

Listed below are some of the benefits of having solar panels

1.) Save on your power bills

Generating your own electricity means that you will be using less from the utility supplier. This will immediately translate to savings on your energy bill. You should see a saving on your electricity bill, because you will be using power from your solar panels during the day rather than just from the electricity grid. If you install a battery with your solar PV system, you can store your solar power not used during the day to use later. This should cut your electricity bill even further.

2.) Can be connected to the electricity grid

Once you have been approved and your solar Panel system is up and running, you may have the option of exporting and selling your unused solar power back to your electricity retailer.

3.) Solar Energy Is Applicable Everywhere

As long as there is sunshine, solar energy can be deployed anywhere. This is particularly useful for remote regions with no access to any other source of electricity. There is a vast amount of people around the world with no access to electricity.

Independent solar systems could be deployed in those regions and improve the lives of millions of people. Moreover, solar energy is also used to power up spacecrafts and boats.

4.) Energy Production during Peak Hours

Energy demand tends to be higher in the 11:00-4:00pm time frame and then early in the evening. Naturally, this is the period when the price of the electricity peaks. Solar energy happens to reach its maximum production capacity during those hours.

Electricity produced at that time has higher value than if it was generated at night. With the additional electricity input of solar energy, prices in those time frames could be driven down to a level close to those of night hours.

5.) Impact on the Environment

Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water. It also requires very little water for its maintenance, unlike nuclear power plants for example, needing 20 times more water. Solar energy production does not create any noise, which is major benefit, since a lot of solar installations are in urban areas, such as domestic solar panels. solar energy produces no pollution. The sun’s abundant power offers an unlimited source of energy that does not strip the landscape or harm the ozone layer. Residential solar energy systems represent an investment in the future of the planet, conserving non-renewable energy sources and protecting the environment.

Another amazing bonus this company has to offer is an app that will track and monitor the performance and savings of your solar power. The app is called Sunny portal. How freaking cool is that! šŸ˜Ž

You may also check out the website

Here is a sample of one of what it looks like

So If you’re lucky enough to have a choice, make the right one. Don’t dismiss that many decisions you have made and are making are choices that a vast population of the Earth are making too; and all together, we can make an impact. Many of us have only recently been made increasingly aware of how ignoring this outlook in the past has impacted our environment catastrophically. Yet these environmental campaigns have been fighting for a change for decades, pleading to be heard and heeded.

The time is NOW. We need to stop ignoring the facts: the Earth has been damaged by the human race. We need to stop justifying our choices because the lifestyle we work for dictates convenience – not having a clean environment will ultimately be an inconvenience. Each individual needs to stop arguing that changing habits won’t amount to global change because you’re not the only one being considered. Sustainability needs to happen NOW. And even if politics and corporations continue to procrastinate on these issues that have run out of time, we can take action for ourselves, for our families, and for our communities right now.

So if you can afford solar panels to supply your energy, why not? It causes the least amount of pollution and provides a potential return in investment – business savvy AND environmentally conscious… sounds like modern-day sustainability! For yourself. For your family. For the environment. For our planet. Right now, it’s the only right choice you can make to make a contribution in saving our planet, and saving your money as well! So if you are a home owner or a business that would like to make the switch or to simply know more about this product please dont hessitate to conact me, id be more than happy to meet with you with my team of engineers to discuss the cost and how it works !

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