April 09


Quarantine with me.

Hi guys! I wanted to share with you what I’ve been working on since I’ve been on lockdown. I’m currently based in the Philippines and we are being advised to stay home and minimize having to go outside in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19 With that being said it’s starting to get challenging for some people however, I’ve managed to keep myself occupied by doing my favorite things which is cooking, and I’m currently learning how to make beats and add them into songs that I love which I will share on this post for those who are interested to listen, or subscribe to my YouTube Chanel to hear more remixes made by Me. 🤗 by the way, I’d love to know what everybody else is doing to keep busy during this Global pandemic so let’s keep in touch ! If there are any songs you’d like me to try and remix pls let me know. I’d love to give it a shot 🥰 since I’m in practice mode it will be fun!!Meanwhile, I’ll praying for everyone’s safety, be strong guys this too shall pass. 🙏🏼 we just need to hang on a little longer. Also, just wanted to add the reason i wanted to learn how to remix songs is because as i Dj i really want to bring Old songs back to life and be able to play them on a special event. 🥳 so I’m following my passion to do so. Below are some links to some of the songs i started working on. Happy listening

Xoxo 💋


Dj Vnixx remix Links

Michael Mcdonald- I keep forgetting : added a little jazz vibe to this song it always puts me in a happy mood. 🙂

Lily allen- Never gonna happen : currently my favorite song !

Clement Lèroux- You got my heart : gave it a little 80’s beat

Bilie Eilish- Everything i wanted : Ambient house mix

Magic! – Expectations – I love island music

Walk the moon- Surrender

Michael Brun- Soweto house music mix

Brockhampton- Sugar : just feelin’ this vibe

Northeast party house – Calipso beach : another favorite song 🥰

Sabrina Claudio- Don’t let me down : Made the song more upbeat. This is the 1st song i remixed

I would love to know your thoughts and comments below ! Thanks for listening 🎧

Music makes me sooo happy ! 🙂