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January 16

The benefits of hugging

Im a sucker for HUGS !!! Nothing beats a good hug that feels warm, comforting, and for that moment when your engulfed in that warm wrap you can actually feel time stand still and for that time, nothing else matters ❤❤❤ ahhhhhh … what a beautiful feeling ☺ ! I been missing hugs lately and […]

January 14

Free guided meditation!

Take a minute – to click on this link: Watch the video and sign up! Discover a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Technology that ELIMINATES mind chatter and guides you towards Inner Peace and a Stress-Free Life   http://silentjourney.com/?adv=14299&ui=d1ee8624833520140113231746N1&subid=&go=1 Remember – keeping your mind healthy is one of the most important practices one should ever have to […]

December 22

All I want for Christmas

I often come across beautiful things that move me in such a way that it just makes me want to share it with my readers and, this was one of them. Christmas is just days away and small gestures like this – go such a long way! More than you can ever imagine. It’s good […]