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February 14

14 reasons to celebrate your singleness

Now that I finally have time to write, I think this would be a good one for Valentines day. Courtesy of the single woman. Okay, Let’s face it: Valentine’s Day is not an equal opportunity holiday. If Valentine’s Day is the “Holiday of Love,” Then  wouldn’t this be the perfect time to love yourself a […]

August 18

Learn to Let go

I had been wanting to share this for awhile now, but my computer has been acting up the last few days and typing this on my iPhone might take me forever ! Sighhhhh …. 😔 Anyway , I shared this on my Facebook page years ago and I wanted to keep it on my site […]

July 27

The Grasp of love

In order to hear love’s words, you must allow love to approach. However, when it does draw near, we fear what it might say to us, because love is free and is not ruled by our will or by what we do. All lovers know this but refuse to accept it they think they can […]

June 14

How to get your spark back

To my Dear Readers, I’m sorry It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything on my blog. However, I woke up this morning feeling inspired and i finally decided it was time to start writing again. I realized what was hindering my situation. You see a friend of mine took her life almost 3 months ago […]

December 22

All I want for Christmas

I often come across beautiful things that move me in such a way that it just makes me want to share it with my readers and, this was one of them. Christmas is just days away and small gestures like this – go such a long way! More than you can ever imagine. It’s good […]

December 11

The Existential Bummer

This video will possibly inspire you, make you tear up, and perhaps convince you to go out and start living your life to the fullest. Sometimes there are no words to describe how something can make you feel. This video touched me in so many ways. Why are we so afraid to lose something we […]

December 08


What do you do? When a friend betrays you. When you’ve been nothing but a good friend to someone you genuinely always cared about; only to find out they went behind your back and have never actually been on your side like they pretended to be… What do you do? Is letting the truth of […]

December 02

I believe…

I believe that our background and circumstances in life, may influence who we are. But we are responsible for who we become. I believe that no matter how good a friend is, they are going to hurt you every once in a while and we must learn to forgive them. I believe that just because […]

November 20

Where you’re meant to be

Just because you’re not where you want to be in your life, doesn’t mean you won’t be someday soon. It simply means you’re not ready yet. The truth is, you are exactly where you’re meant to be at this very moment to learn the lessons that will take you there. Just trust it. 😉