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April 22

Bacon Mac & cheese

Hi guys! I wanted to share this super yummy bacon Mac and cheese recipe, because it’s really good and incredibly easy to make. You’ll only need 6 ingredients to make this mouth watering recipe 😍 What you’ll need : Macaroni noodles Bacon 1/2 stick of Butter 1/3 cup of Flour 1 1/2 cup of Milk […]

August 25

Lamb stew 

Hi guys ! I know I’m horrible , I’ve neglected my blog forever. 😁 I promise to share more of my culinary secrets once I’ve finally set up my own kitchen. 😏 Tonight I made one of my favorite recipes, this dish is called Irish lamb stew. Its simply perfect, for this cold San Fransisco […]

April 25

Egg salad 

Over the weekend when i was in Puerto Galera. I made my best friend Dee, her Favorite egg salad. This was what she always requests for me to make Every time I want to cook for her, and it was always a pleasure to make it fo her, So I finally decided to Share it […]

December 16

Beef Caldereta

Today i will be sharing with you, one of my favorite Filipino comfort food recipes, called beef Kaldereta or Caldereta, but it’s not just any Caldereta, It has to be my grandmothers Caldereta. It always hits the spot for me every time I crave for it. 😊 This is a popular local dish served during […]

September 25

Beef Bone Marrow Soup

FINALLY !!! I get to share this step by step recipe. This is one of my favorites, Bulalo Soup or Filipino Bone Marrow Broth, which is surprisingly simple and unbelievably delicious! By the way there are different ways of making this depends on what you like. Traditionally, they add corn it in. I used carrots […]

August 31

Pasta with bolognese sauce

Soo I am in Hong Kong for a couple of days visiting my sister, and whenever I’m on a trip it’s always such a privilege for me to be able to cook for my family ! My sister loves pasta so I decided to make one of her favorite sauces which is the bolognese sauce. […]

July 11

Prawns Sautéed with garlic and lemon butter

Hey guys! I know Its been a while since I posted anything about Food and shared a recipe. I have to admit OHhhh!!! how I miss cooking. Today I am sharing something that is extremely easy to make, feel free to pair this dish with pasta, garlic bread, or even garlic rice regardless its a […]

January 28

Make the perfect turkey stuffing!

Okay , I’m not sure how many of you are a fan of turkey stuffing ~ but I myself, can NOT have turkey with out this delicious side dish. Having turkey with out stuffing!?!? 😳 It’s just not the same It’s like having apple pie without ice cream ! You won’t get the WOW factor […]

December 16

Corned beef and cabbage soup

While many Americans associate corned beef and cabbage with Ireland, this popular St Patrick’s Day dish has roots in America. it might not be your traditional Irish dish. But regardless of where it came from ! This is a great recipe on a cold day, or just to satisfy you craving for comfort food. ☺ […]

December 10

Korean beef stew

This is an old family recipe that has always been one of my favorite dishes my grandmother use to make. My whole family loves this korean dish it is Braised beef short ribs -In Korea it is called Makgalbijjim . 막갈비찜 As this being on the top of my list when it comes to flavors […]